Snr Level Contract/Interim Roles . The Way Forward at this time ?

All the numbers continue to show a slowdown in Permanent Recruitment at Senior Level across most Sectors as the current Economic uncertainty ahead of a ‘Brexit Showdown ‘ continues to affect the UK’s Business World.

For those individuals currently looking for a new Role at Senior Level ,it can be a very frustrating time with huge competition for the few suitable Senior Roles coming to the Market . For many the solution can lie in the Contract/Interim Market ,where Employers are more willing to hire without the commitment of offering a long term position in todays uncertain times . For the individual it can also be the opportunity to broaden a skill base and take a good look at an Employer, without needing to make a long term commitment …….and be paid for it !

Many  Snr Individuals currently on contracts often  see them extended and converted into Permanent positions ,if that is what both sides want ,…….. so they are well worth looking at !

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