Cautious Optimism for 2021 ?

An awful lot has happened since our last Blog 2 months ago ,with a ‘Brexit Trade’ Deal finally being struck at the last moment ,albeit there are important agreements ,especially for theĀ  Financial Services Sector still to be reached . The most significant progress however has been in the speed of the UK’s Mass Vaccination Programme , a pace which has put the UK in the top 3 countries in the World ,measured on the % of the Population already receiving their 1st Jab to date . We now also have a ‘Road-Map ‘ out of Lockdown ,starting with Schools re-opening on March 8th and followed by ‘Earliest Possible’ dates for other parts of the Economy to re-open as well . However the effects of Covid19 on the UK economy will continue to be felt for quite a while ,with Unemployment higher than it’s been for a long time and significant numbers still on ‘Furlough ‘. The Chancellor’s Budget on March 3rd is awaited with great interest and could help or hinder the speed at which the UK can recover from this PandemicĀ  ……and in the USA ,the transition from the Trump Administration to the Biden one has finally happened and without further incidents . There remains a huge mountain to climb as the World looks to recover from the Pandemic ,but genuine grounds for cautious Optimism now for 2021.

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