Business reacts to Covid 19 .

The World has rather changed since our last blog 2 months ago ! Covid 19 has arrived in a big way ,forcing us all to re-adjust to a ‘New Normal ‘ of Home Working , Furloughed Employees, Social Distancing  and closed Schools,Shops ,Leisure outlets and non-essential Businesses .Sadly , with over 20,000 confirmed deaths in the UK so far , Covid 19 has touched most Households in some way already and whilst we may be passed the peak of infection ,it will take  a while for the Country to be released from the Lockdown currently in place ,and probably only released in small steps.

Inevitably , both Business and Consumer confidence is at a historical low  and  Recruitment in most Sectors ( with the exception of the Supermarkets ,Delivery Drivers and the Health Sector ) has fallen off the edge of a Cliff ,with current figures pointing to a decline of 85 % + in volume terms .This will only improve when the Lockdown can be released and Businesses start to return to some degree of ‘normality ‘ ,but expect this ‘normality ‘ to be different from pre Covid 19 .

BGR’s thoughts remain with those Households and Businesses who have lost loved ones ,Colleagues and Friends  and those struggling with the implications of  ‘Lockdown. ‘ However , there is a light at the end of the Tunnel and we will come through this , so stay as upbeat as you can and ‘Stay Safe ! ‘


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