Brexit ,No-Brexit or something else ?

As we head towards the 31st March EEC Departure date and nothing is yet agreed , the Economic uncertainty which now affects this Country is continuing to make its presence felt in the Employment Market . Permanent vacancies ,particularly at Senior Levels are being put ‘On Hold’  and many Employers are preferring to hire purely on a short term Contract or Interim basis or not at all ,which is all completely understandable . Despite all of that , Employment remains at historically high levels in the UK ,boosted in some ways by the increase in self-employment over the last decade since the Financial crisis of 2008/2009. What will we wake up to on April 1st  ?……ironically April Fools Day ! ……No-one is very sure at the moment ,but let’s hope that both our UK  Politicians and those in the European Community recognise that it is in everyone’s interest ,including theirs ,that they find a solution to this deadlock as quickly now as possible .

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