Best Wishes for the Festive Season & more optimism now for 2024 ?

For many it’s been a difficult 2023  as the Covid legacy continues to drag any real progress down . However at long last Annual UK  Inflation ( CPI ) has dropped below 4%  and there is talk of a reduction in Interest rates ( currently at 5.25% ) at some point in 2024 , albeit the initial reductions may be nominal .

On the International front , the  War in Ukraine drags on  and a new conflict between Israel and Hamas  threatens to plunge the Middle East into further difficulties .

With a UK General Election due in 2024 , current forecasts suggest a probable change of Government and the inevitable change to policies this will bring . For now , both Consumers and Businesses appear  a bit more optimistic about next Year .

Best wishes from BGR for the Festive Season , a time to re-charge the batteries ,catch up with Friends and Family and remember those less fortunate  at what can be a difficult time of Year for many people.


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