Advice in a Recession

Recent Economic Statistics confirmed that the UK is now in ‘Recession’ ,the first for 11 Yrs ( albeit mainly a Covid 19 induced recession ) ,and a new experience for many in their 20’s and early 30 ‘s . There continues to be much debate on the scale and likely length of this Recession and whether it will be V ,U or W shaped ( or something else ! ), but with UK Unemployment currently forecast to reach 8.3% by the end of this Year and the Economy contracting by @- 10% ,it’s likely to be a difficult time for many Businesses and Individuals over the next 12 Months . There is no magic formula to handling a recession , but being flexible ,being realistic ,being persistent and staying as positive as you can will all help . There are 0pportunities out there , but it could be a ‘ long haulĀ  ‘ to find and land something suitable .

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