A Brave New World ?

As we start to slowly edge our way out of the Covid 19 ‘Lockdown ‘, People return to work and the Recruitment Market takes its first tentative steps forward in most Sectors , perhaps it’s relevant to  reflect on what we’ve learnt so far and how ‘A Brave New World ‘ might look ?

WFH has been a resounding success for most ( but not all ) those involved  and is likely to feature very highly on the list of required Office based Employee Benefits going forward ,especially if Covid 19 hangs around or re-appears in a modified form ,which seems highly likely . As a consequence ,the skills required to manage a partially remote Workforce will also need to change with ever increasing use of Online/Digital Tools .

In the bigger picture , perhaps we will also continue to recognise the importance of all Key Workers ,both within Organisations ( Most HR Depts appear to have risen to the challenge of the last few  Months ) and outside (Health Service , Police/Fire Service ,Delivery Drivers and essential Shop Workers ),who have found themselves on the Front Line in the fight against Covid 19 ……..and just maybe  ,we will also see further progress in tackling Climate Change issues ( Our Towns and Cities have benefitted from the lack of Traffic during Lockdown ) and  ensuring that D&I issues have a constant place on all Companies Agendas .

With over 40,000 deaths across the UK attributed partially or fully to Covid 19 , we must learn from the experience  and re-  build for a better future for the generations who follow us .

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